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condominium & HOA property management

As a condo owner who receives services from Grandmark Property Management, I can say without reservation they have been simply outstanding to deal with. The staff keeps us informed of issues and events affecting us on a regular basis. They respond to homeowner's requests for services effectively and efficiently, providing timely follow-up as needed. I'm extremely happy with them and the services they provide and highly recommend them as a property management company.

Grandmark Property Management has served Bailey's Grove since its inception. In the past, I worked in cooperation with Justin for nine years while on the Condo Association Board of Directors. Through the years I have lived in Bailey's Grove, Grandmark has carefully secured multiple bids from area vendors allowing the Association and its owners to save thousands of dollars through cost savings from insurance providers, tree trimming, and other services. The company continually seeks to improve services while maintaining cost control. As an owner, I am pleased that our current board continues to be in partnership with Grandmark.

Grandmark has done a great job for us with our condo association. We have turned around our budget and they are always on top of our building needs and improvement projects. They've also helped us navigate some more complex issues which has been extremely helpful. Would highly recommend their team for any condo, apartment or HOA work.

Our condo association was in need of a new management company. We conducted a search and vetting process that resulted in us considering two companies. We ultimately chose GrandMark because they were focused on getting our association the best service while also having our financial interests in mind. We’ve been with GrandMark for about a year. They have helped us navigate through some challenging issues. Before GrandMark we struggled with our budget and building a healthy reserve. We’re now in good financial standing and we’ve been investing back into our property.

About Us

Grandmark Property Management is equally committed to serving our residents and co-owners with the same principles of service, dependability and integrity that define our relationship with property owners and associations.

Property Management Services

Grandmark Property Management specializes in condominium and homeowners association management.  From condominium association annual meetings to court-ordered evictions, we offer a one-stop property management experience for our customers.

Why Grandmark?

We collectively represent over 40 years of property management and maintenance experience in the Grand Rapids area. Let us manage your condominium association or HOA community!

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